Benefits of Psychotherapy for your patients

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Learning outcomes: 

With an influx of diseases and medical illnesses on the rise we have a corresponding increase in prescription medication for numerous diagnoses. With the recent pandemic of COVID-19, individuals are starting to understand the notion that life sparks unpredictability such as death, grief and loss. With this, there is a rise of depression, anxiety stress and many other mental disorders that are prevalent in society today. With countless research stating the benefits of medicine and pharmaceutical prescriptions for mental health, there is also a downside due to the influx of side effects it may cause. A demand of individuals seeking a doctor’s help more than ever before.

Psychotherapy aims to promote self-healing by education, holistic self-healing, and promoting self-awareness of the mind and body. Self-awareness and a self-healing approach are deemed necessary for extended quality of life and purpose due to the ability of an individual’s mind and its capabilities. With this, people are looking towards a more holistic and self-healing approach to medicine which our service provides.

Our service strives to provide insight into the issues affecting society by having individuals look within and using the skills and tools we provide through our research, educational seminars and clinical service. Satisfying the engagement and collaboration between allied health professionals, consumers, and the community to ensure adequate health service delivery and maintenance to the mental health sector.

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In this webinar, we will explore the primary reasons why patients should be referred to a psychotherapist. We will assess and reveal the results of the benefits of referring to a psychotherapist. 
The webinar will also showcase a step-by-step process to educate GPs about the after-effects of the referral and what kind of treatments are provided to the patient in psychotherapy. The presentation will outline the impacts of the patient’s mental health on the treatment from psychotherapy. 

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